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Welcome to Chase Lodge Hospital

Chase Lodge Hospital is an outstanding private medical practice in Mill Hill, North West London. We pride ourselves in our efficient, professional and caring approach making sure that our patients are looked after every step of the way. It’s our mission for you to feel at ease, looked after and confident in our team. This private hospital in Mill Hill is the first of its kind.

Chase Lodge Hospital has a complete selection of medical services all available at our premises. This sets the practice apart from others and unlike other private GP’s we have the benefits of specialist facilities which makes us able to call our practice an out-patient hospital. This means we have the advantage of being able to perform small operations in-house. In fact, our impressive outpatient department has over 60 leading specialists and services all in one comfortable, accessible location.

We have also trained our reception staff to help you to obtain your insurance authorisation for your in-house tests and your consultant appointment under our CQC status as a hospital. Additionally, we can arrange and book your referral appointment where necessary and we can organise same day (A Rapid Diagnosis) referrals too for conditions where you will not want to wait for a consultation. Our team will provide you with a suitable letter for the referral and, with your input, organise a convenient time for you.

For your convenience, if you are looking for a private GP in Mill Hill, North London or the surrounding area please contact Chase Lodge Hospital on 020 8358 7100.

The Hospital is open for Sunday Surgery from 10.00am to 2.00pm – offering a full GP Clinic for your convenience.


  • Women’s Health & Wellbeing

    Keeping women healthy at any age

  • Men’s Health & Wellbeing

    For optimum health we offer

  • Maternity

    Chase Lodge Hospital offers an affordable GP led antenatal package. Private delivery options are also available to you through our hospital. We work with top class Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to further help and support you. Our aim is to offer a more nurturing service where medical professionals are available to you for care and advice during these incredible months.

  • Paediatrics

    We are proud to offer a full portfolio of medical services for children and adolescents with top UK consultants and specialists. dealing in all aspects of your child's health & wellbeing.

  • Rapid Diagnosis

    Worried about something? Get in touch with us for a rapid diagnosis for peace of mind.


  • Alternative Medicine

    We have an extensive team of Alternative Medicine practitioners Click below to find out more.

    Acupuncture Cranial therapy Homeopathy Hypnotherapy Kinesiology
  • Physiotherapy Department

    Chase Lodge Hospital is delighted to announce the brand new Physiotherapy Department headed up by Karen Sibilia. Physiotherapy is available 6 days a week - including Saturdays at our hospital and the Physiotherapy Team can also visit at home including the provision of domiciliary care.

  • X-ray & Ultrasound

    Chase Lodge Hospital offers you an in-house imaging suite comprising of state of the art Ultrasound facilities, X-ray and Dental X-rays.

Chase Lodge Medical Secretarial Services

Secretarial and Administrative Services at Chase Lodge Hospital ­ a unique service to run the businesses of a private Consultants and GP's.