Our Pharmacists have been part of the Chase Lodge Hospital team for over 7 years and work closely with all our Doctors, Consultants, Nurses and Reception teams to ensure they give the best care to all our patients.

Our Pharmacy can fulfil all your medication needs, whether it be over the counter medication, prescription medication or if you would rather, holistic remedies. We have a great network and are able to source any medication requirement you may have.

Our Pharmacists are not only trained to give advice on all immunisations for all ages, including babies, university students and anyone in between, but they are also able to help with Minor Ailments, Nutritional Support and also give Dermatological advice.

Chase Lodge understands the importance of safe travelling and as such runs a Travel Clinic which combines the expertise of our Pharmacists with our Nurse; they are able to advise you on which vaccinations you will need for your upcoming travel, as well as any important medication you may wish to take with you. In order for you to feel assured when travelling, we can also provide a bespoke Travel Bag, including medicines prescribed and over-the-counter for your destination. This comes with instructions of which medicines to use for each condition you may encounter and how to use them safely.

We would be happy to discuss any queries you may have so please do not hesitate to contact