Coronavirus Antibody Testing - Abbott's Blood Test

Instant and laboratory tests available

Discount for NHS colleagues

Roche spoke protein antibody test

Find out if you’ve had COVID-19 in the past few months

Coronavirus Antibody Testing Packages:

£49.00 – Department of Health Approved, Abbotts Blood Test with our Nurse and the results securely emailed to you.

£73.00 – Department of Health Approved, Abbotts Blood Test with our Nurse and a telephone consult with our highly trained Drs.

£114.00 – Department of Health Approved, Abbotts Blood Test with our Nurse and a face to face consultation with our Dr to work out a Care Plan

£199.00 – Finger Prick Antibody Test with our Nurse and 2 x Dr Consultations (one telephone and one face to face) to work out a Care Plan

Chase Lodge Hospital has launched an exciting new test, which can detect whether your body has developed antibodies after the Covid-19 vaccination. This only looks for specific antibodies generated by your immune system 14 days post-vaccination, and does not look at whether you have previously had Covid-19.

This will give our patients the valuable information they need in these difficult times.

This is a simple blood test which can be carried out in your own car or isolation room by our clinical team who wear full PPE.

Our doctors will be on hand if you have any questions about the test or its result.

Regardless of the outcome, it is imperative that you continue to follow Government Guidelines.

Please note:

  • Antibody tests cannot diagnose acute infection
  • Not everyone will develop an antibody response to COVID infection or vaccine

Price of test - £69.00

Option 3 - Why Choose Abbott's Laboratory Testing?

  • Approved by Public Health England
  • 100% sensitivity
  • 99.63% specificity
  • Lower threshold for antibody detection (can detect fewer IgG antibodies)
  • Results in 24 hours
  • Test from 14 days from the first day of Symptoms

Option 2 - Benefits of instant antibody testing

  • Painless Finger-Prick Test
  • Roche Spike protein antibody test
  • Test from Day 3 of start of Symptoms up to day 33 Days of Symptoms
  • CE Certified and Sold Worldwide
  • Relative Sensitivity IGM 95.5%
  • Relative Specificity IGM 100%
  • Relative Sensitivity IGG 100%
  • Relative Specificity IGG 98%
  • Instant result within 10 minutes
  • Simple finger-prick test compared to full blood draw
  • Easy on-site testing
  • Great value for money


Abbott's Antibody testing at Chase Lodge

We are proud to offer Abbott antibody testing for coronavirus IGG antibodies. The Abbott test is 99% accurate, and tests for the presence of antibodies. On completion of the test you will be provided with a certified lab report.

Within 24 hours the test will provide a positive or negative result on the presence of coronavirus IGG antibodies, allowing you to know whether or not you have previously had the virus.

It is believed that IGG antibodies develop after 2 weeks of contracting the virus, but there is a higher level of certainty at the 28 day mark. 

The Abbotts antibody test, performed in a laboratory setting, has a lower threshold for finding IGG antibodies than instant kits that are available, so this test is perfect if you have only had mild symptoms and therefore probably a low viral load.

Fee: £49 to £114 (Discount for NHS colleagues – please show ID)

Why do I need a consultation?

Testing without a consultation means that we would be unable to properly advise you on next steps, protecting your family, whether you can return to work after lockdown and any treatment you might require.