The Benefits of Chase Lodge Private Hospital

Private healthcare is becoming an increasingly popular choice for London residents. The past few years have seen significant strain placed on the NHS and this is likely to continue. Even before the start of the pandemic in 2020, there were 4.4 million people waiting for treatment on the NHS and today many patients are waiting more than 18 months for procedures, consultations, and operations. It is a situation that requires an alternative – and often that alternative is a private hospital in London.

The benefits of Chase Lodge

  • Less time to wait – This is one of the biggest advantages of a private hospital like Chase Lodge – simply waiting less time to be seen. In real terms this could be the difference between waiting several months, years even, to be seen on the NHS and getting the appointment you need at Chase Lodge within weeks, or days. Follow-ups and surgical appointments are equally swift, meaning you could have been seen, treated, and fully recovered in the same time it would take to get just that first appointment on the NHS.

  • Medical professionals in private hospitals see fewer patients – That means that each patient gets more care and attention and a more focused approach to treatment. In the NHS you might see different GPs and then a range of hospital staff, at Chase Lodge there’s more consistency and there will be one person with complete perspective on your care and what needs to happen next. Medical issues and illness can be one of the most vulnerable moments in anyone’s life and it makes a big difference to feel like you are being supported and seen – and that nothing important is likely to slip through the net because the people looking after you are too busy.

  • You are helping the NHS – It may sound counterintuitive but choosing a private hospital like Chase Lodge Hospital can actually be beneficial for our national health service too. With waiting lists so high and so much pressure on the NHS today it’s already at breaking point. Private patients help to ease that pressure by reducing numbers on waiting lists and giving those in the NHS a little more space to breathe and recover.

  • Best-in-class facilities and equipment – There are no problems with tight budgets in private hospitals, which are funded by insurers and private clients. That means that a hospital like Chase Lodge will always have funds to ensure they have the best, most cutting-edge equipment on site. Chase Lodge has a wealth of resources allocated to paying the most experienced staff and consultants and a lot of time and budget has gone into creating a calming, soothing space for patients, somewhere with wellness as a priority. Many private hospitals feel less clinical and more comfortable as a result, something that can be a huge benefit.

Chase Lodge Hospital is a private hospital based in East London, our team would love to help put your medical concerns at ease, whilst providing the highest level of medical care.

If you’d like to join us, contact our reception today!