Rowena J. Ronson

Rowena J. Ronson for Chase lodge Hospital - Mill Hill, North West London NW7 2ED

AFMCP (UK) PCH MARH RHom Lic(LCCH) Cert Ed, Nutrition and Counselling

Rowena J Ronson offers a Unique and Holistic Integration of Functional Medicine, Homeopathy and Transformational Coaching and Individual, Relationship and Family Counselling.

  • Functional Medicine (for assessment, treatment and prevention of dis-ease)
  • Homeopathy, CEASE Therapy, Nutrition
  • Life Coaching (CBT, TA, NLP, Gestalt and Mindfulness)
  • Individual, Relationship and Family Counselling

Combining Homeopathy and Functional Medicine to assess and address the underlying causes of disease with a cutting edge, scientific, holistic, individualised, person-centered, natural and sustainable approach to health.

Functional Medicine encourages us to understand and to take responsibility and control for our own health, and reap the benefits from owning our own choices in how we take care of ourselves and live our precious lives. A combination of assessment tools, lifestyle changes, education and nutrition are incorporated into this individualised model of health.

Homeopathy offers a natural and holistic medicinal approach to treating acute and chronic illnesses, on all levels. In addition, CEASE Therapy supports a detoxing process for our bodies to eliminate the damaging effects of toxic medications including vaccinations. Functional Medicine and Holistic Nutrition provide the raw materials we need in order to stay healthy.

The whole process is empowered by counselling and coaching to create transformation on all levels.

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