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Yellow Fever Centre

Chase Lodge is a Registered Yellow Fever Centre. Yellow fever vaccination can only be administered in registered Yellow Fever centres. If you are not sure about which immunisations you will need, ask at Pharmacy for advice.

Yellow fever vaccination

The vaccination against yellow fever should be given at least 10 days before travelling to an area where the infection is found, to allow your body to develop protection against the virus that causes the infection.

Some countries require a proof of vaccination certificate before they will let you enter the country. This will only become valid 10 days after you are vaccinated. (see List of Countries with Mandatory Yellow Fever Certificate Requirement).

The yellow fever vaccination is one injection and it offers protection to over 95% of those who have it.

The protection offered by the vaccine may be life-long, but vaccination certificates are currently only valid for 10 years,so a booster dose may sometimes be needed after this time if you are planning another visit to an area where yellow fever is found.

Even if you have been vaccinated, it’s sensible to take steps to prevent mosquito bites while  travelling – for example, by using mosquito nets, wearing loose, long-sleeved clothing, and applying insect repellent containing 50% DEET to exposed skin.

Yellow fever vaccination is carried out for two different purposes:

  • To prevent the international spread of the disease by protecting countries from the risk of importing or spreading yellow fever virus.
  • To protect individual travellers who may be exposed to yellow fever infection.