Chase Lodge Services

Rapid Diagnosis

Our aim is to get a clear diagnosis and plan for your medical condition with the minimum delay. The Chase Lodge multi-disciplinary team work together to facilitate a rapid diagnosis from the minute you walk through the door – with GPs, blood tests, X-ray and ultrasound facilities and Pharmacy on site and an extended team of professionals including specialist Consultants, physiotherapy, osteopathy and counsellors we aim to speedily resolve your concerns about your health problem.

A Rapid Diagnosis real case example:

A 42 year old man presented to Chase Lodge Hospital around 4.30pm

He was complaining of a sore left arm.  He had been to the gym a lot in the week.

The man had come straight from a local Hospital where he had an assessment with a doctor who diagnosed him with a muscular injury to his arm. No tests were done.

One of the signs which we look for in any patient with pain in the left arm, neck, jaw or chest is whether there are any cardiac problems.

The doctor at Chase Lodge immediately performed an ECG (to assess the heart), took bloods and sent them as an emergency.

As there were subtle changes on the ECG the doctor discussed the case with one of the in-house cardiologists who reviewed the ECG.  As a result the patient was immediately sent to a cardiac care unit and with the bloods, the patient was diagnosed as having an early heart attack.  He was given drugs to prevent permanent cardiac damage and further treatment administered.

If the patient had gone straight home after this local Hospital, he had a 75% chance of dying from a heart attack.