Chase Lodge Services

Mole Scanning

Here at Chase Lodge we have a mole scanning machine which can photograph and analyse individual moles. We also have a dermatologist working with us, Dr Ben Esdaile, who has a special interest in skin cancers. Are you concerned about a mole which may be changing? Do you have moles that you are wondering about? Here are some points to think about when considering whether to get your moles checked.

ABCDE of Moles

A             Asymmetry        Normal healthy moles are usually round, not asymmetrical

B             Border                  Normal healthy moles have regular defined outlines

C             Colour                   Normal healthy moles usually have uniform colour which stays the same

D             Diameter             Normal healthy moles are not usually bigger than 6mm diameter

E              Elevation             Normal moles are usually flat and do not bleed, crust or itch

If your mole shows any differences from the above, make an appointment to get it checked out.