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Audiology is concerned with hearing, balance, and related disorders. Audiologists treat people for hearing loss and give advice on preventing hearing problems. At Chase Lodge our Audiologist can do hearing tests and give advice on maintaining optimum hearing through guidance about the latest hearing aids.  Audiologists are trained to diagnose, manage and/or treat hearing, tinnitus, or balance problems. They dispense, manage, and rehabilitate hearing aids and assess candidacy for and map cochlear implants. Our audiologist is also trained in advising about rehabilitation exercises.

We can also arrange referral for an Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant to see you and give medical advice about any problems with your hearing, tinnitus or balance.

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Dr Alam Hussain for Chase lodge Hospital - Mill Hill, North West London NW7 2ED

Dr Alam Hussain

PhD Consultant Audiologist Dr Hussain is experienced in Tinnitus, dizziness and hearing loss. He is Head of Department at Imperial College (Audiology Department St Mary’s Campus). Dr Hussain can practise the whole spectrum of hearing and balance testing and is able to provide comprehensive management of patients with dizziness as well as advise patients in rehabilitation exercises. Dr Read More
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