Membership Schemes Explained: Monthly Private Health Check Ups

For regular patients at Chase Lodge, monthly and annual membership schemes offer a better way to access private healthcare. The schemes are designed for both new and existing patients and provide value for money for those who intend to continue as patients at the hospital. Accessing private healthcare can be cost effective with these schemes, as they are designed to help meet the needs of individuals and families at a reduced cost and in a way that works for you.

What are membership schemes?

These are membership packages that Chase Lodge has created to offer cost advantages to ongoing patients of the hospital. A range of benefits are available to patients who choose to sign up to these schemes, either on a monthly or an annual basis. Some of those benefits include discounts on blood / lab tests,  screenings for prostate and ovarian cancer, and a set number of consultations and treatments over the course of the scheme. There are discounts for couples and families and the option to secure access to specific healthcare, as well as the opportunity to better plan your approach to your health on an ongoing basis.

What are the membership scheme options?

Chase Lodge has created a range of membership schemes that are designed to cater to every patient’s needs. These include:

  • A monthly membership option – For a membership fee of £70 patients have access to one consultation a month, plus a discount on any further consultations and 10% off bloods.

  • An annual membership option – Patients who choose to pay annually will make a single one off payment once a year (£999) to ensure that their health needs will be covered throughout the year. This package has an extensive range of benefits attached, including monthly consultations, an annual ECG, urine drip test, full blood count and flu vaccine as well as a travel bag, which includes all required prescription medication and travel essentials for going abroad. This package also includes discounts on additional consultations if required.

  • Annual membership for couples If you and your partner are looking to lock in your healthcare needs and planning for the coming year, the Chase Lodge annual membership scheme is ideal. Buying the package together provides access to a 10% discount on the regular cost of the annual scheme so couples with annual membership pay just £1,798. The couples scheme includes all of the benefits accessible under the regular annual scheme, plus a few extras.

  • Annual membership for families – Because health is such a high priority when it comes to our children, Chase Lodge has created an annual membership for families that provides the opportunity to ensure that you and your loved ones are covered. This includes all the benefits of the annual package plus discounts for children. The £2,628 fee covers two adults and two children and represents a saving of £1,300 overall.

Chase Lodge membership schemes provide options for patients looking to have more control over, and access to, exceptional healthcare.

If you’d like more information then see our membership schemes. Protect you and your family and access exceptional healthcare, join us today!