Is it time to see a private doctor?

The impact of the pandemic, plus pre-existing challenges relating to funding and staffing, have created a very hard situation in healthcare in the UK. That can have a big impact on patients, from waiting times to get an appointment to the range of options available regarding treatment. For many people today, seeing a private doctor is beginning to seem like a good idea.

What is a private doctor?

Many NHS GPs work in the private sector, so you can expect the same high standards and ethical and practice regulations from a private doctor as you would in the NHS. However, you will also be able to see a private doctor quicker because there are few (if any) waiting lists in the private sector. Private hospitals have access to the most innovative treatments and advanced equipment, which can make a big difference to your prognosis.

When should you see a private doctor?

If you feel like you need some medical help then a private doctor can be a great choice. There are several situations when it makes sense to make a private appointment including:

  • For support with your general well-being – This could be anything to do with health and lifestyle and the habits that can make you feel good daily. We are often best placed to make the change when we have information and options and a private GP can help with this. If you are looking for mental health support, such as counselling, this can also be accessed via private healthcare.
  • General concerns about your health – If there is something that you would normally see an NHS GP about then you can opt to visit a private doctor instead. That could be anything, from a sore throat to a cough that will not go away or issues with digestion. Although problems like this are not emergencies, they can cause daily discomfort and it can make a big difference to get them seen to quickly.
  • Dealing with wounds and dressings – Avoiding infections and ensuring dressings are regularly changed can take a while to get support with on the NHS but you can easily make an appointment for help with this via a private doctor.
  • Problems with muscles and joints – Whether it is your wrist, ankle or knee, this kind of discomfort can cause a lot of pain and even leave you immobile, so getting it treated quickly is key.

When should you not see a private doctor?

If you have an emergency, such as a broken limb, heavy bleeding, or severe burns, then you should go straight to A&E.

Opting for a private doctor can help you to save time and give you access to the treatment you need when you need it the most.

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