How to safely lose weight

Weight loss is a controversial topic – there are many good reasons to focus on loving your body as it is right now and recognising that your value as a human isn’t tied to weight. However, if you’ve been advised to lose weight for medical reasons or have another positive motivation for doing so.

Our tips for safely losing weight:

  • Don’t diet – they are not meant to work for the long term. It is much better to get into healthy habits with food where you regularly nourish your body with balanced meals. The key to this is ensuring you have breakfast every day. Losing that first meal can cause havoc to your blood sugar and may result in eating more later in the day.

  • Fill your diet with vegetables and fruit – Vegetables are high in fibre and low in calories and fat. They are also packed full of nutrients, and there are many delicious ways to prepare them. Fruit is also very beneficial but be aware of how much sugar you might consume this way.

  • Be more active – Weight loss happens more easily when you’re more active, and your body burns more fuel. This doesn’t have to be gym sessions or specific weight loss activities. It could be simple as cleaning your home or meeting friends for a jog. Dancing, swimming and walking are all great ways to introduce more activity into your daily routine. Remember that the activity you enjoy is the activity you’re likely to continue.

  • Prioritise staying hydrated – You know that feeling of desperate hunger you get? Sometimes that can be a need for water. Staying hydrated has many benefits for your body and skin and can help you avoid snacking on extra food when you’re craving water.

  • High-fibre foods can help you to feel full – As long as you’re in touch with your body and you notice the sensation of feeling full, then high-fibre foods can help you lose weight because you will feel fuller more quickly – and for longer. Foods like brown rice, pasta, beans, lentils, fruit, vegetables and oats are ideal.

  • Reduce your portion sizes – It’s very easy to become unaware that you’re actually eating more than your body needs each day simply because your portions are too big. Try using a smaller plate so that your portion sizes are smaller without you really noticing.

  • Avoid banning anything – but don’t create temptation either. When we ban foods from our diet, we are much more likely to start obsessively craving them. However, you don’t need to put temptation in your way in the first place by filling your cupboards and fridge with junk food. Opt for healthier snacks, like rice cakes, fruit or dark chocolate.

  • Reduce the amount you drink – Alcohol is very calorific and contains no nutrients. It can also trigger disordered eating patterns, such as binging with a hangover. So, avoiding it can be key for weight loss.

Losing weight safely is achievable for everyone with these essential tips.