Full Pharmacogenomics


There are big differences in each person’s response to the same medicine. Anyone currently taking a medicine, for any illness or health issue, or anyone who may need to take medicines in the future will find this test invaluable.

Knowing your unique genetic code can help your doctor decide whether a medication is likely to harm you or hurt you before you take it. It also helps them decide which medicines may be right for you at the right doses.

This takes the guesswork out for doctors choosing the right medicine for you and allows your doctor to create a personalised treatment plan, which increases the likelihood of success and reduces the risk of side effects.

Up until now this has been the only choice that doctors had.

Currently, doctors all over the world follow prescription guidelines, (these differ in different countries). The information you can read when you are prescribed a medicine includes the indications for use, the dosage and the possible side-effects.  This is based on how the medicine effects the general population.

However, you nor I are the general population!

In essence, most doctors have to guess which one out of a group of medicines you may need and then rely on giving the population dose for that patient.

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