How to Test

Refrain from eating, drinking, chewing gum, brushing teeth, or smoking for at least 30 minutes before sample collection.
  Wash hands prior to handling tube or swabs to avoid contamination
  Remove swab collection tubes from plastic wrapper and discard wrapper.
  Write name, date of birth and date of collection on both labels. (located on the front of the box). Stick/write one label to each collection tube.
  Carefully remove the swab from the tube/packet, taking caution to avoid touching the swab tip to any surface.
  Remove swab, do not touch swab tip against teeth, lips, or other surface, and place directly into the collection tube/sterile bag.
  Make sure the top cap is tightly closed. Repeat steps 5 – 7 with the second swab on the opposite cheek.
  Place collection tubes back into the box, enclose box into shipping envelope and ship back to Code You Genetics c/o Chase Lodge Hospital, Page Street, Mill Hill, London, NW& 2ED.

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Chase Lodge Hospital, Page Street, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2ED, UK