Carrier Status


CODE You offers a genetic test to individuals who have family members with a genetic condition, family members of an identified carrier, and individuals in ethnic or racial groups known to have a higher carrier rate for a particular condition. If you are a carrier of a certain condition it does not mean that you have symptoms themselves related to the condition / gene mutation. By identifying if you are a carriers it will allow you to make reproductive choices.

Genetic counselling and education should accompany carrier testing because of the potential for personal and social concerns. Genetic testing of an affected family member may be required to determine the disease-causing mutation(s) present in the family.

By having your Carrier status tested with CODE You it can improve the risk assessment for members of racial and ethnic groups that are more likely to be carriers for certain genetic conditions.

The CODE You carrier test looks at a variety of conditions and further information on this list can be found by clicking here.

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