Adolescent Anxiety and Depression


Code You are very passionate about Adolescent Anxiety and Depression not only because the founders have young children but also because according to new NHS figures, around one in 10 girls aged 16 or 17 were referred to specialist mental health services in England last year and one in 10 boys show signs of depression at the age of 14, say UK researchers.

Currently children and adolescents needing treatment with medicines only have a 60% chance of successful long-term treatment with potentially severe side effects due to the “one size fits all” way of prescribing by Doctors. Genetic testing allows the right drug to be chosen helping that child recover much faster and safer.

Around 40% of adolescent/children show no response to their first anti-anxiety / depression medications, only half of those respond to their second, with poor response rates with subsequent medications. These medicines can also be associated with severe side effects and adverse events. Pharmacogenetic testing uses genetic information to predict responses to medications based on known gene- drug interactions.  In a study in Pharmacogenetic/genomic participants who treatment was based on genetic testing demonstrated a greater improvement in depression scores and higher remission rates compared with controls.

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