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Dr Sarah Lotzof

Dr Sarah Lotzof graduated in her first degree, from Kings College, with a Joint Honours Degree in Physiology and Pharmacology. This included much research into the cytokine p450 enzyme system and associated drug metabolism, which is innately involved in the basis of Pharmacogenomics.

Sarah then studied Medicine at the Royal Free Hospital and spent a further 5 years working mainly in London Teaching Hospitals, including placements in Renal Medicine, (Royal Free Hospital), Obstetrics, (Hammersmith Hospital), Infectious Diseases and Paediatric Medicine, (RFH & Coppets Wood Hospital), Emergency Medicine, (Lister Hospital), Care of the Elderly, (RFH) amongst several others.

Sarah worked as a Private GP in Wimpole Street for 4 years and was Company Doctor for many large companies including Thomson Travel, Bechtel, Elf and Amanda Hess. Whilst there she performed pre-fight medicals on boxers and worked with renowned football teams on their health and fitness.

Sarah founded Chase Lodge Hospital in 2007, with her interest in a Rapid Diagnosis, helping to enable a quick diagnosis or exclude a worrying diagnosis with in-house investigations and referral to in-house Consultants in all fields of Paediatric and Adult Medicine, thus increasing continuity of care for her patients.

Sarah started to look into the field of Genomic Medicine in early 2015, aided by her background research at Kings College. Due to Sarahs previous work for Sky News and Channel Five news in her capacity as a Doctor, in December 2015 she was asked to take part in a Channel 4 Documentary with Dr Christian Jessen: “How the Rich Live longer”, which featured Genomic Medicine and Pharmacogenomics.

Sarah has identified the lack of regulatory, ethical and educational needs within this industry and due to this has chosen to pursue the business of Genomics further.  In light of the UK 100,000 Genome Project and the need to advance this revolutionary field of medicine into the mainstream, backed by the Government, Cambridge University, the BMA as well as the educators in the NHS, Code You aims to make the difference on all fronts.

Natasha Cherrett

Natasha moved from Salisbury to go to University where she successfully qualified with a BA HONS in Leisure Management and Certificate in Personnel. Since gaining these qualifications she has worked in a variety of Industries in Senior Management Roles and for the last 4 years she has managed the day to day activity of Chase Lodge Hospital as the Hospital Manager.

Natasha overseas all aspects of Operational side of running the Hospital and provides extremely crucial managerial input into the strategic decisions and direction the hospital may take whether it be on a clinical or non-clinical matter. Natasha is currently responsible for a team of forty employed and self-employed medical personal as well as 50 consultants who hot seat at the Hospital.

Genetics has been a part of Natasha’s role for 3 years now where she has been primarily responsible for the development of this business including negotiating supply deals with US laboratories to ensuring the sales process meets the customer expectations and needs.

Natasha understands the process of testing and comes at it from a business as well as a personal perspective having had the Health and Fitness test done herself.

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