Code You Genetics

Code You at Chase Lodge Hospital was the first to introduce and is the leading provider of Genetic testing in the UK.

Each and every one of us has a unique genetic make-up or code, which is just as different from each other like our finger prints.

As well as determining aspects of us, like the colour of our hair, down to aspects of our own personalities; our genes also determine many areas which control our health or our likelihood of developing certain diseases. Our genes also affect how we react to medicines that are prescribed to us by our doctors. We can also discover which foods, vitamins, minerals and also exercises will benefit just you.

Code You will allow your doctors to treat you as a unique individual rather than on anonymous person in a population.

We understand that finding out about your genetic code may seem complicated and possibly daunting. Our team have the valuable experience needed to be able to guide you through this process and help you interpret the results so that you and your health provider can make the right decisions for you. We are here to hold your hand throughout this journey with you.

Code You work in association with a fully registered hospital under the Care Quality Commission and work with the best accredited laboratories in America.

There are many online genetic tests available, but few offer any guidance on what can be a life changing process.

As seen on a UK Documentary: “How the Rich Live Longer”, we were the first to carry out Pharmacogenetics on our patients, in the UK.

We offer a wide range of genomic tests and services. The tests currently available:

  • Full Pharmacogenetics
  • Mental Wellness Medicines
  • Pain Pharmacogenetics
  • Heart Health
  • Diet and Fitness
  • Hereditary Cancers
  • Carrier Status
  • Adolescent Anxiety and Depression

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