Medical Tattoo/Micropigmentation

Sarah Fogel

Medical Tattoo or Micropigmentation is a wonderful, often life changing treatment. The most common types of medical tattoo are scar camouflage and areola reconstruction.

Areola reconstruction and scar camouflage help mastectomy patients by creating a new, skilfully drawn nipple and areola on the reconstructed breast to appear as natural as possible. Using the right colour combinations and techniques the nipple can look 3d and therefore create very pleasing and natural results.

Scar camouflage is designed to use pigments the correspond to the surrounding skin colour in order to mask their appearance and blend in. Some people only require one treatment whilst other will need more.

A combination of areola reconstruction and scar camouflage can also mask incision scars from other breast surgery such as augmentation, reduction and breast lifts.

Scar camouflage also helps with the appearance of scars from other surgeries and accidents, stretch marks, and tattoo removal scars which can be quite extensive.