Complementary Services

Rowena J. Ronson for Chase lodge Hospital - Mill Hill, North West London NW7 2ED

Rowena J. Ronson

AFMCP (UK) PCH MARH RHom Lic(LCCH) Cert Ed, Nutrition and Counselling

Rowena J Ronson offers a Unique and Holistic Integration of Functional Medicine, Homeopathy and Transformational Coaching and Individual, Relationship and Family Counselling.

  • Functional Medicine (for assessment, treatment and prevention of dis-ease)
  • Homeopathy, Nutrition
  • Life Coaching (CBT, TA, NLP, Gestalt and Mindfulness)
  • Individual, Relationship and Family Counselling

Combining Homeopathy and Functional Medicine to assess and address the underlying causes of disease with a cutting edge, scientific, holistic, individualised, person-centered, natural and sustainable approach to health.

Functional Medicine encourages us to understand and to take responsibility and control for our own health, and reap the benefits from owning our own choices in how we take care of ourselves and live our precious lives. A combination of assessment tools, lifestyle changes, education and nutrition are incorporated into this individualised model of health.

The whole process is empowered by counselling and coaching to create transformation on all levels.

To find out more information about Rowena J Ronson her website is  or you can email her directly on

Howard Cooper for Chase lodge Hospital - Mill Hill, North West London NW7 2ED

Howard Cooper

For the over 12 years Howard has studied a wide array of cutting edge psychological techniques. This enables him to draw from a broad spectrum of behavioural change methods including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and Design Human Engineering.

As he doesn’t just work with any one particular methodology, Howard now refers to himself as a Rapid Change Therapist. In fact, it is his ability to combine and cherry pick the very best techniques from these differing fields that enables him to powerfully help people to rapidly Create MoRE happiness, wealth and abundance in their lives and give them the strategies to overcome the limitations that previously held them back.

Howard helps people with all sorts of fears and phobias, anxiety, depression, stopping smoking plus other habits, ocd issues, sleep trouble and much more besides. Visit to learn more.

Linda Swimer for Chase lodge Hospital - Mill Hill, North West London NW7 2ED

Linda Swimer

Linda has been a practising hypnotherapist for many years, is a Member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapists and UKCHO registered. She helps her clients deal with life’s problems through hypnotherapy. She helps people with stress and anxiety, self-esteem and confidence, positive thinking and motivation, panic attacks, phobias, sleep and weight problems as well as quitting smoking. Linda is also a qualified hypnofertility therapist which helps women to conceive.

Anna Staudt for Chase lodge Hospital - Mill Hill, North West London NW7 2ED

Anna Staudt

Anna is a healer using Kinesiology (a holistic technique) which addresses physiological, mechanical and psychological mechanisms of the body.

Mandy Wise


Mandy Wise is a reflexologist. As a full member of the AOR (Association of Reflexologists) and since completing the post graduate course in Fertility/Maternity Reflexology she works with pregnant women and women who are trying to conceive.  The benefits to these women can be wonderful.  Reflexology is a great treatment to have during pregnancy both for you and the baby, helping to maintain general wellbeing: it aids relaxation and helps to relieve many pregnancy complaints such as back ache and swollen ankles.  Reflexology may also help to reduce length of labour.

For more information about Mandy, visit her website.

Jay Ghosh for Chase lodge Hospital - Mill Hill, North West London NW7 2ED

Jay Ghosh

Jay has been the Pharmacist Manager at Chase Lodge since 2009. He knows the regular patients and their families over those years well and really enjoys being able to give them appropriate treatment advice as well as seeing the young children grow so fast! He has a wide knowledge of both childhood vaccines and travel vaccines and is happy to advise on what you might need for your holiday health.

He also experiences diversity in patients and their conditions whilst locuming for Boots and Lloyds pharmacies sometimes in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, so you may well see him elsewhere too! His main interests outside pharmacy are in sports and playing tennis and cricket, and he keeps a keen interest in results around the world.

Steve Simbler for Chase lodge Hospital - Mill Hill, North West London NW7 2ED

Steve Simbler

Steve has a special interest in sports medicine, and was one of the lead pharmacists for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. He worked in the Athletes Village Polyclinic Pharmacy throughout the Games, with special responsibility for Olympic Park venue medicines supplies for athletes and spectators. More recently Steve was the pharmacy advisor for the Rugby World Cup, and continues to work with elite teams and organisations in sport. Steve also has a special interest in Vitamin D and its benefits in maintaining well-being.

Russell Lee for Chase lodge Hospital - Mill Hill, North West London NW7 2ED

Russell Lee


Russell Lee is an experienced hypnotherapist who has successfully helped many people overcome a wide variety of concerns including weight loss, weight control, smoking cessation, phobias & fears, stress & stress related conditions. Russell specialises in clinical and medical hypnosis and treats conditions that affect health and wellbeing. He also deals with groups and commercial companies for a variety of issues including motivation, stress reduction and fear of public speaking. Russell is experienced in working with children and young adults. This list is far from complete. For more information regarding any issues you wish to address, please contact Russell through Chase Lodge Hospital on 07432 740705.

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Gideon Hajioff


Gideon has 25 years of training in Oriental practices and runs a successful martial arts school. He graduated from the University of Westminster and has since studied and practiced his skills in China, gaining many diplomas and post-graduate training in Western and Oriental practices. Gideon offers Japanese and traditional acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, sports massage and nutrition. You can find out more on

Gopi Gill for Chase lodge Hospital - Mill Hill, North West London NW7 2ED

Gopi Gill

Gopi has a special interest in holistic health and has a well rounded knowledge of natural and homeopathic remedies. She is also a qualified Reflexologist , massage therapist and Journey therapist. She holds regular clinics here at Chase Lodge.

Gopi’s experience in the medical field makes her an expert in understanding dis-ease in the body. Her knowledge in the alternative field of healing gives her versatility and flexibility in her approach to dealing with illness both of body and mind.Having an open mind is very important in life especially when dealing with health issues. It may be enough just to have a chat about where you are at to find that you have many possibilities to the solution.

“If you do what you have always done, you will get what you’ve always got”. Try a different approach and see your life change.

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