Care Quality Commission Award

Chase Lodge Hospital are proud to have been awarded a ‘Good’ CQC status. Please find a link to the full report here, as well as some of the standout comments below:

“Staff were consistent and proactive in empowering patients and supporting them to manage their own health and maximise their independence.”

Chase Lodge enables “Patients had timely access to initial assessment, test results, diagnosis and treatment.”

Chase Lodge “has a clear vision and credible strategy to deliver high quality care and promote good outcomes for patients.”

“Patients were treated with kindness, respect and compassion.”

“Staff displayed an understanding and non-judgmental attitude to all patients.”

Chase Lodge understands “the needs of their patients and improved services in response to those needs”.

“Leaders had the capacity and skills to deliver high-quality, sustainable care.”

The CQC noted that “staff felt respected, supported and valued. They were proud to work for the service as the service focused on the needs of patients.”