Back to Basics with Migraine Management

People who come and see me about their migraine have often tried many different treatments and strategies to manage these troublesome and debilitating headache attacks. One of the main things I do is to go back to basics in understanding what is going on and how you can help yourself to limit and reduce the Read More

Winter Vaccines available now at Chase Lodge Hospital

As the cold winter sets in don’t forget to have your flu and pneumonia vaccines. Pneumonia Vaccines There are three groups of people who need to be vaccinated against pneumococcal infections: babies people aged 65 and over anyone between the ages of two and 65 with a long term health condition which includes, heart disease, Read More


The Sneason It’s back – we’re talking about hayfever.  Due to some warm weather hitting London and the surrounds these past couple of weeks there has been an abundance of pollen, trees budding, flowers popping open and bees buzzing around.  Our Chase Lodge Hospital pharmacy has been busy giving out medication and advice to combat Read More

Avoid Sugar Rush

You may have noticed in recent weeks, much information in our newspapers to say that sugar is becoming dangerous to our health.  With warmer months hopefully not far around the corner when we are notoriously more body conscious we probably are wanting to reduce the amounts of sugar we intake.  The question is, is this Read More