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Pharmacology/Drug sensitivity Genetic Testing

Chase Lodge Hospital have been offered the opportunity to work exclusively with Molecular Testing Labs, which is a medical diagnostic company based in the US. Their laboratory offers cutting edge, personalized reports to you, detailing your genetic makeup and how your liver enzyme (cytochrome p450) pathways may respond to certain drugs.  E.g. If you are an active drug “rapid metabolizer” and possibly not likely to gain much clinical benefit from a product or are an active drug “poor metabolizer” and possibly susceptible to toxic levels of a particular drug in your body. We can offer you the chance to have tailored and personalized optimal treatment designed specifically for your genetic make-up.

The Molecular DNA can be collected through a painless cheek swab and sent to the lab.  Three days later we will have a full report on how your genetic makeup can help doctors find the medications that are right for you.

Some people, because of their genetic make-up, aren’t able to break down medications in an effective manner.  The medications can build up and may cause severe adverse drug reactions or side effects.  Conversely, some people break down these medications too efficiently before they have the opportunity to work. This may mean that they need a higher prescribed dose.

Molecular Testing Labs genetic testing can help to identify every genetic variation and assist you to make more informed prescribing decisions, thus increasing the likelihood of treatment success and minimize the risk of adverse drug reactions or side effects.

The testing works particularly well for Pain Management, Cardiovascular Health, Women’s Health Care, Psychotropic Medications.

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