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Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Our Consultant specialists Miss Moneli Golara and Miss Cheryl Gentry can help and advise with any women’s health concerns. They are also happy to manage you throughout your pregnancy.

Menopause can bring a new set of difficulties and there are various ways in which these can be relieved. Discussing your symptoms with our GPs or Gynaecologists may help.  Hormonal changes can also lead to a worsening of headaches. See under Headache Management for more information about how we can help these.

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Miss Moneli Golara

MBBs FRCOG As an experienced gynaecologist, Miss Golara sees patients with general gynaecological problems and she has worked at Chase Lodge since 2009. In this time, she has developed a large patient base and provides excellent sympathetic care tailored to the individual’s needs. She undertakes all surgery in local private hospitals and in future, in the Read More
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