Taking care of your financial burdens

Fee Increase

Some fees will be increased on December 1st 2016.


There is a one off registration fee of £60 to join Chase Lodge as a patient (adult or child).

Appointment Type Adult Child
GP consultation – first, 30 minutes £140.00 (includes registration fee) £120.00 (includes registration fee)
GP consultation – 15 minutes £80.00 £60.00
Weekend GP consultation – 15 minutes £85.00 £70.00
Mole–mapping – up to 3 moles ( GP) £95.00 £95.00
Each additional mole £25.00 £25.00
Nurse consultation – 15 minutes
(Additional fees may be payable for dressings)
£32.50 £32.50
Ear Syringing – 1 ear £75.00
Ear Syringing – 2 ears £110.00

Specialist Tests

Pharmacogenetic testing £1,300.00
Cardiovascular Genetic risk assessment £600.00
24 hour BP monitoring £410.00
24 hour ECG monitoring £399.00
Blood tests and other investigations Variable Variable
Diet Genetic test £250.00
Diet and Fitness Genetic test £449.00

Vaccination fees

Vaccination fees are composed of the fee for the vaccination to be ordered from Pharmacy and the administration consultation (£27.50). Vaccine prices vary widely. Please contact Pharmacy for further details.

Well Man and Well Woman Checks

These start at £450 and further fees may be payable depending on the range of investigations required.

Currently we are not able to perform HGV or Norwegian medicals at Chase Lodge.

Blood test and other investigations

There is no consultation fee for these. Fees are variable according to the number and complexity of the tests. They are all payable by the time of the appointment. Please check in advance whether your policy covers these. If these are covered by your insurance company, we will need an authorisation number and details of your policy number for billing them. You can of course self pay.

Please ask at Reception for any further advice about fees.